Humboldt Green’s Spherical Approach to Consulting & Services:

1º From Everything

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What is “Phase Zero”?

When a potential client is looking for consulting advice, Humboldt Green finds that a first introductory meeting (Phase Zero) can make for the most efficient use of resources. More importantly, though, this ensures that the client receives the most value.

In Phase Zero, a core Humboldt Green team is matched with the client to scope the proposed project(s). For a flat fee, this 60-90 minute session focuses on workflow and pinpoints best use of capital, and return on investment. Humboldt Green has found that many times clients are not even sure which questions to ask, so we have broken down the process into very basic steps and allowed time to explain clearly within this first consultation. In this session, we methodically build a road map that will guide each phase of work, deliverables and timing. By walking through each phase, the client has a direct hand in the overall work scope and can influence the plan direction when possible.

Humboldt Green has access to many resources, a significant network of affiliates with a wide range of expertise along with years of deep and broad experience in the field. This broad range of experience and expertise is congruent with the cannabis industry as well as other industries. Humboldt Green prides itself in transparency and making our clients aware of all the resources we can bring to the table. Phase Zero provides an opportunity for Humboldt Green to customize products and services for each client to get optimal value for their budget.

At the end of this 60-90 minute session, each client will have a significant amount of product, market, and business insights, but they will also have a clear understanding of each phase of the project.

The strength of this approach is that our clients can see the outline and the entire roadmap in order to avoid wasted labor and efforts. Through this process, hidden opportunities are revealed that can shift a project into another gear.

We also offer retainers as we move forward due to the breadth and depth of our involvement and knowledge spanning many aspects of the industry.

1º From Everything.

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Phase Zero sessions are $420 each (check or cash in advance of scheduling the meeting). We believe you will find this money well spent as we co-discover where you are on the bigger road map and how to most effectively reach your destination.

Call us at (707) 443-3140 or use the Contact Us page on this website to set up your Phase Zero today!