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State Waterboard Forms Are Due Soon – 1 Degree Consulting Can Help

By Consulting

All California cannabis cultivators must identify their water source as part of their CalCannabis application. The Division of Water Rights Initial Statement of Water Diversion Use form is due October 31, 2017.

The deadline is looming and 1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green can help you fill out your paperwork. Take some of the stress off of your shoulders and contact one of our consultants at 707.443.3140 or by email at contact@gohumboldtgreen.com.

Support Cannabis Farmers Affected by Northern California Fires

By Media

Photo Credit: The Press Democrat

Wildfires in Northern California have incinerated homes, structures, vineyards and cannabis farms. Those affected by this devestation need help and support from fellow cannabis community members.

Humboldt Green received the following email from Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply explaining how the cannabis community can help during these difficult times.

“Dear Cannabis Community,

I live on the edge of coffee park neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Awakened Sunday night by the sound of propane tanks exploding as fire rapidly swept through, we left the house immediately.. On the way to a friends in Sebastopol, streets were flooded with frantic people all barely escaping. Once arrived and looking for information, ash and embers rained down thick. We turned on sprinklers and sprayed down the house. Soon, the winds shifted and we were fine. We put out the word the Sebastopol house was safe and friends who did loose houses came. We used this house to offer comfort to as many as we could. We are filled with gratitude knowing how lucky we all are. Its just stuff, we have each other and good insurance. In time, everything will work out. As of now, I hear my house is fine.

Our cannabis community is not so lucky and needs our help. Reports are rolling in and they are not good. Cell service and power lost, so many people couldn’t reach out for help. Many farmers have lost homes, greenhouses, animals and tragically enough, family members. Without insurance on crops, these families have lost their livelihoods. With fires still ranging strong, this destruction is not over and many are scrambling, fire at the edge of their properties, frantically harvesting to save what is remaining. Heavy smoke damaging crops that do remain, so many farmers affected in so many ways… This will be a challenging season for thousands of cultivators. It was already a make or break year for so many. The challenges of regulation and risk reduction motivated many farmers to give this year everything they have and really maximize the opportunity.

Our humanity calls us to ACT. What I personally can contribute is the statewide network of dispensaries Alta Supply works with. Many farmers want to help and have no financial means at this time. Alta Supply can accept donations from Cultivators who have not been affected, anyone who can spare a unit or two to help a fellow farmer in need. All funds will be donated to fellow farmers who lost their livelihoods.

Ways you can help:

  1. Share this to your social media and help get the word out.
  2. Cultivators willing to donate flower. Full or half pound units. Farm to Farm direct support. For giving farms, please list farm name, contact info, varietal/strain name and lineage, total weight donated. We will connect you directly with the farmer you will be supporting unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
  3. Anyone who can serve as a Regional Drop off depot for cultivators who have flower to donate.
  4. Courier Services. We know how challenging it is to get off the hill, so those willing to arrange a pick up from farm would be useful. We will also be needing assistance delivering to our hub in Oakland from drop off depots.
  5. Ask a fellow lab if they are willing to do testing for donated flower. SC Labs has kindly offered free testing services for all donated flowers.
  6. Alta Supply will create a special menu online where donated flower will be available for dispensaries all throughout the state. A special link will be sent to every shop statewide interested in participating.
  7. Please help us find farmers who lost both home and farm to support, please reach out with a list of names of those who really need it the most.

John@foremanfarms.com has a freezer truck and a place down south to process, contact for details.

If you have resources to help farmers in harvest to save crops, please reach out.

Here are a few we know of so far:  (Please donate directly if possible).

Monica and Razor lost their home and farm in Santa Rosa. Currently living out of car with their 2 dogs they were blessed to save. Razor is suffering from extreme smoke inhalation and needs a comfortable place to stay while in recovery.

Paul has the most harrowing story so far. He lost everything, farm and house. His daughters mom lost everything too. He saved the neighbors, mom and daughter, tho they lost their son.

Ashley on instagram @FrostFlowerfarms707 Shes an amazing cultivator with an enduring spirit. Part of the Mendo Gen Group.

Shelby is a dear personal friend of mine who lost everything.

For those able to provide cash donations, CalGrowers Wildfire Fund is a fantastic choice.

Any other way we can collaborate to offer support, please reach out, we are open to suggestions.

We have no idea how many people are truly affected at this point. There are some serious tragedies and some close calls, many gardeners are frantically harvesting now and could use a safe processing/curing room.

Please let us know if there are other ways to contribute and we are happy to make connections.

With kindness,

Jessica Lilga”

If you have supplies and items that you would like to donate to fire victims, all four of the Northcoast Horticulture Supply stores and Fortuna Feed are drop-off locations for donations. We have volunteers driving items down to Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa county. Thank you for your support!




10th Annual Sustainable Living Exposition

By Events

Plan It Green Humboldt and AgDynamix are hosting the Sustainable Living & Preparedness Expo- 10th Anniversary Saturday, October 14th  from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm at the Arcata Community Center. This all-ages event is FREE and celebrates sustainable living and all things green.

There will be demonstrations and exhibits from local Green businesses showcasing their products and services. Learn about alternative energy, soil testing, aquaponics, environmentally friendly vehicles and much more. Local Non-Profits Permaculture Guild, Northcoast Environmental Center and the Green Party of Humboldt will also be at the Expo sharing information. Locally Delicious will offer organic and locally produced healthy lunch and snacks at the event.

Participate in one the the Sustainable Living Workshops including Residential Independent Power & Energy Storage, Winterizing Your Soil, Brick Oven Construction and DIY Rain Catchment Systems.

New for this year, Plan It Green has partnered with AgDynamix and is expanding information offered at the Expo to include Emergency Preparedness and Green Agriculture – How to Green Your Grow.

With raging fires popping up all over California, it is  important to make sure that your family is prepared for any kind of emergency. The Sustainable Living Expo is offering Emergency Preparedness Workshops in partnership with the Humboldt C.E.R.T Coalition.  The workshops will focus on community and personal emergency preparedness. Workshops include Tsunami Hazards on the Northcoast, Mobile  Apps For Accurate Information Anywhere and How to Make a Survival Kit. This year’s theme is Building Community Resiliency by Preparedness. Take advantage of these free workshops and make sure your family is prepared for any kind of natural or man-made disaster.

Help show your support for the development of a sustainable community and take advantage of the workshops and all of the great information provided by local businesses who provide green goods and services to our Humboldt community at the 10th Annual Sustainable Living Expo.


Licensing Authorities Announce Withdrawal of Proposed Medical Cannabis Regulations

By Government

On September 29th the Bureau of Cannabis Control issued a press release regarding the withdrawal of the proposed medical cannabis regulations.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 29, 2017
CONTACT: Alex Traverso, Bureau of Cannabis Control (916) 574-7546


Agencies Also Post Summary of Public Comments to Cannabis Web Portal

SACRAMENTO – California’s three cannabis licensing authorities announced today the official withdrawal of the medical cannabis regulations that were proposed in late spring by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Cannabis Control, Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch and Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing. The official withdrawal will occur October 6. The proposed regulations were geared toward the implementation of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. These licensing authorities held hearings and accepted public comments regarding the proposed regulations during a 45-day public comment period.

However, in late June, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law, the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which creates one regulatory system for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis. Because of that action, the licensing authorities will withdraw the proposed medical regulations and will instead move forward with one regulatory package for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis.

The three cannabis licensing authorities will develop emergency regulations based on the new law and will incorporate the robust and valuable public comment received on the proposed medical cannabis regulations. The summary of public comments, as well as the responses to those comments, received by each agency—either in writing or in person at one of the public comment forums hosted by the three agencies—can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Bureau of Cannabis Control – Collected Public Comment

CA Department of Food and Ag – Collected Public Comment

CA Department of Public Health – Collected Public Comment

The licensing authorities will use the emergency rule-making process for the new regulations. The emergency regulations are expected to be published in November. The implementation date for the issuance of commercial cannabis licenses remains the same: January 1, 2018.

For additional information about the three licensing authorities, or to learn about updates as they become available, please visit the state’s Cannabis Web Portal.

Humboldt County Growers Anonymous Survey

By Education

Humboldt Green and New Frontier Data are working together to better understand how California’s evolving cannabis law will impact Emerald Triangle Growers. They have come up with an anonymous survey for Humboldt Growers to contribute valuable data.

These findings will shed new light on the most influential cannabis producing region in the world, and help industry newcomers better understand the investment and business opportunities available in this prosperous region.

We invite you to take part in this ground-breaking effort by taking a brief survey to share your voice and insight. Click here to take the Humboldt Cannabis Growers survey.

This study is by you and for you, so you will be the first to receive the entire report and its findings for free once completed.

Please note that all of your responses are completely anonymous, and the study will only report aggregate responses to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our survey takers.

Humboldt Green and New Frontier Data thank you for joining us on this effort!

Yes We Cann Parade Award Ribbons & Hullabaloo Shirts

By Events

The Humboldt Cannabis Community showed up by the hundreds to support the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo in Arcata on August 12th. We would like to recognize the enthusiastic spirit of our parade participants and hand out the very first Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo Community Awards to floats and groups that walked in the parade. As a thank you to everyone who made it out to the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo, we would like to gift you with a commemorative Hullabaloo t-shirt.

2017 Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo commemorative shirt.

Come and collect your Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo Community Award and commemorative t-shirt at the Eureka Northcoast Horticulture Grand Opening Event from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, September 9th. Stop by the Humboldt Green booth and check in with our friendly staff for your parade participant gift. Bring your family and friends to the NHS Grand Opening for FREE barbecue, live music by Kindred Spirits, a vendor showcase and up to 30 % off sale on gardening products (Eureka store only). The Eureka NHS is located at 852 W Wabash Ave across from Costco.

Congratulations to the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo Community Award Winners!

Parade Group Award Name
Bella Vista Hoopers Best Dance Team
Cannabis Hype Squad Dopest Dudes
Cannifest Float Flashiest Float Award
Community Pride & Peace Most Whimsical Botanical Float
Dynasty One Most Inspiring Band
Emerald Scientific Spirit Award
Environmental Excellence Group Most Dedicated
Farms & Farmers Humboldt Green Award
Fire Mountain Farms & Errl Hill Best Balloon Decorations
Four Legged Friends of Cannabis Top Dog Award
Honeydew Compassionate Use Project Best Use of Windsocks & Flags
Horvath Plumbing Best Local Business Participant
Humboldt CBD Best Parade Chant & Hottest Vehicle
Humboldt Glass Blowers Most Humboldt Award
Humboldt Greens Community Outreach Award
Humboldt Normal Positive Participator
Humboldt Sun Growers Guild High Five Award
Kiskanu Best Decorative Golf Cart
Mad Farmer Team Awesome Award
Move to Amend Ripple Effect Award
Object Heavy Funkiest Band Award
Old Town Horse & Carriage Best Parade Leader
Patients & Advocates Most Enthusiasm
Redwood Women’s Foundation Best Floral Float Award
Royal Gold Soil Best Family Float
Silverhammer Best Rock N’ Roll Band
SkullFACE Best Parade Signs
Space Gem Candy Most Cosmic
Terp Pimpest Ride
The Green Machine Parade Pyro Award
True Humboldt Best Fundraiser Awarness Award
Weed For Warriors Project Best Hand Made Signs

We will have one Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo Community Award available to each group who participated. Your team leader or a member of your group is welcome to pick up the award. All individual participants can pick up their shirts or have your team leader grab them for you. If your group participated in the parade and we do not have you on the awards list, please let our staff know when you visit the Humboldt Green booth at the NHS Grand Opening on Saturday the 9th and we will provide you with an award.

Congratulations again to all of our Community Award winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo event! We’ll see you at the parade next year.

Yes We Cann Parade Details

By Events

The Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo is almost here! We are marching through Arcata on Saturday, August 12th. The parade will start at 2:00 PM in the HSU Parking Lot at the corner of 14th and Union streets and end at the Arcata Ball Park at 3:00 pm.

Yes We Cann Parade route through the streets of Arcata.

Check-in and parade line up will be held between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. Please arrive during the designated check-in time so that we can get you lined up and ready to go. We encourage you to signup for the parade online prior to August 12th, but in-person registrations are welcome the day of the parade.

During check-in, everyone in your group will need to sign a waiver in order to walk in the parade. After you sign the waiver you will receive a wristband that will be used as your free entry into the Hullabaloo event at the Ball park. Once check-in is complete we will direct you to the parade Staging Coordinator who will line you up in the appropriate area. You MUST have your wristband to walk into the parade. Legally, we cannot have folks who have not registered jumping into parade from the sidelines.

There will be hydration stations along the parade route, however we encourage you to bring a water bottle and stay hydrated. Make sure to protect your skin and wear sunscreen or bring a hat. Keep in mind that you will be walking a good distance so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Please make sure to clean up after yourself and leave no trash behind at the starting point of the parade in the HSU parking lot. It is our goal to leave the space better than when we found it.

When the parade ends at the Arcata Ball Park for the Hullabaloo, you must disperse and clear the streets so that we don’t hold up regular traffic. If you plan to attend the Hullabaloo, please plan ahead and figure out a game plan for where to park your float.

Please email us at contact@gohumboldtgreen.com if you have any questions about the parade. Remember the theme is GREEN so have fun dressing up or wearing a costume.

We would love to see your parade photos! Please use the hashtag #YesWeCann if you post to social media so that we can find and share your pics.

Cannabis Kings

By Events


The Cannabis Queens have been lining up to be in the Yes We Cann Parade on August 12th in Arcata. They have stepped forward to honor the sacred and feminine. To create balance, we’re looking for a few good Kings to help expand the royal cannabis court.

Are you a Cannabis King interested in escorting the Queens and Cannifest float through the streets of Arcata? Register early and sign up to be a King in the Yes We Cann Parade. Make sure to mark the cannabis queens and kings check box on the registration form so that we know to add you to the royal cannabis court.

Humboldt Green encourages all kinds of creativity in parade participation. If you want to gather a group of Kings to walk with you in the parade that’s great. You can bike, skate, ride a motorcycle or drive a hot rod in the parade. Whatever floats your boat…all types of vehicles are welcome. You could even make your own Kings float and get all of your buddies to ride on it with you.

What are you the King of in the Cannabis world? We want to know your Cannabis King name. Use the hashtags #YesWeCann and #CannabisKing to let us know on our Facebook and Instagram.

Cannabis Queen

Cannabis Queens

By Events

Humboldt Green is in search of several queens from all walks of life who support cannabis culture to escort the Cannifest float through the streets of Arcata in the Yes We Cann Parade on August 12th. The first ten queens to register will earn a spot on top of the Cannifest float. Any additional Queens are welcome to ride in fancy cars or walk alongside the Cannifest float.

All local pageant queens and princesses, Rutabaga queens, Humboldt County Fair queens, rodeo queens, festival queens, queens & princesses of social media, queen bee farmers, boss ladies and drag queens are all welcome to participate. The royal cannabis court is open to any queen or princess who holds an official local title and any self-proclaimed cannabis queen as well.

Interested cannabis kings are also encouraged to register for the parade and are invited to march alongside the queen’s float to the Hullabaloo.

Register early and sign up to participate as a queen or king in the Yes We Cann Parade. On the sign up form make sure to mark the cannabis queens & kings check box so that we know to add you to the royal cannabis court.

We will have a Cannifest float building day that all of the queens and kings are invited to participate in. Float building day will be announced soon.

We hope to have some type of cannabis queen and king pageant or ball next year at Cannifest to select the royal cannabis court for the 2018 Yes We Cann Parade. Stay tuned as we get closer to the next Cannifest.

Vendor & Sponsorship Information | Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo

By Events

Elevate your business and raise awareness about your product or service at the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo taking place in Arcata on Saturday, August 12th. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available at our cannabis-friendly community event.

MAIN STAGE SPONSOR $2,500 (Only one available.)
Banner with your business logo will be hung on the main stage.
Your company information will be included in radio and social media mentions.
10×10 booth located next to the main stage.
Your logo will be included on all print promotions.
10 Hullabaloo Tickets

215 MEDICAL MARKET SPONSOR $2,500 (Only one available.)
Banner with your logo will be hung on the 215 gated area entrance.
Your company information will be included in radio and social media mentions.
10×10 booth located next to entrance of Area 215 Medical Market
Your logo will be included on all print promotions.
10 Hullabaloo Tickets

FAMILY INTERACTIVE ZONE SPONSOR $1,250 (Only one available.)
Banner with your business logo will be hung on the Family Interactive Zone stage.
Your company information will be included in radio and social media mentions.
Six foot table space.
4 Hullabaloo Tickets

GREETING SQUAD $1,250 (Only one available.)
Greet guests at the gate with a non-215 freebie as they enter the Ballpark for the Hullaballo.

GREEN TEAM SPONSOR $420 (Three available.)
4×6 Banner banner hung in prominent areas of the Hullabaloo.

Email contact@gohumboldtgreen.com to secure sponsorship at the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo event. Sponsorship opportunities are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Not ready for sponsorship level, but would like to participate at the Hullabaloo as a vendor? Register your organization or business online at the YesWeCannParade.com website to be an Area 215 Medical Market vendor or Craft/Artisan vendor.

Area 215 Medicinal Market Vendor Information

Interested in meeting new patients & showcasing your product line? Use this web form to secure a booth. Register and participate in the parade to earn a discount towards your 215 booth.
10×10 Booth $710
10×10 Parade Discount $420
10×20 Booth $1,130
10×20 Parade Discount $840

Vendor Village Information

Find new customers at the Hullabaloo. Use this web form to secure a booth. Register and participate in the parade for a discounted vendor booth.

10×10 Booth $215 or $175 with Parade Discount
10×20 Booth $400 or $375 with Parade Discount

Hand Crafted/Artisan Goods
10×10 Booth $125 or $100 with Parade Discount
10×20 Booth $200 or $175 with Parade Discount

Non-Profit Organizations
10×10 Booth $125
Parade Discount FREE

Food Vendors
10×20 Booth $350

Vending space is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact Humboldt Green as soon as possible to secure your booth.