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Support Cannabis Farmers Affected by Northern California Fires

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Photo Credit: The Press Democrat

Wildfires in Northern California have incinerated homes, structures, vineyards and cannabis farms. Those affected by this devestation need help and support from fellow cannabis community members.

Humboldt Green received the following email from Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply explaining how the cannabis community can help during these difficult times.

“Dear Cannabis Community,

I live on the edge of coffee park neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Awakened Sunday night by the sound of propane tanks exploding as fire rapidly swept through, we left the house immediately.. On the way to a friends in Sebastopol, streets were flooded with frantic people all barely escaping. Once arrived and looking for information, ash and embers rained down thick. We turned on sprinklers and sprayed down the house. Soon, the winds shifted and we were fine. We put out the word the Sebastopol house was safe and friends who did loose houses came. We used this house to offer comfort to as many as we could. We are filled with gratitude knowing how lucky we all are. Its just stuff, we have each other and good insurance. In time, everything will work out. As of now, I hear my house is fine.

Our cannabis community is not so lucky and needs our help. Reports are rolling in and they are not good. Cell service and power lost, so many people couldn’t reach out for help. Many farmers have lost homes, greenhouses, animals and tragically enough, family members. Without insurance on crops, these families have lost their livelihoods. With fires still ranging strong, this destruction is not over and many are scrambling, fire at the edge of their properties, frantically harvesting to save what is remaining. Heavy smoke damaging crops that do remain, so many farmers affected in so many ways… This will be a challenging season for thousands of cultivators. It was already a make or break year for so many. The challenges of regulation and risk reduction motivated many farmers to give this year everything they have and really maximize the opportunity.

Our humanity calls us to ACT. What I personally can contribute is the statewide network of dispensaries Alta Supply works with. Many farmers want to help and have no financial means at this time. Alta Supply can accept donations from Cultivators who have not been affected, anyone who can spare a unit or two to help a fellow farmer in need. All funds will be donated to fellow farmers who lost their livelihoods.

Ways you can help:

  1. Share this to your social media and help get the word out.
  2. Cultivators willing to donate flower. Full or half pound units. Farm to Farm direct support. For giving farms, please list farm name, contact info, varietal/strain name and lineage, total weight donated. We will connect you directly with the farmer you will be supporting unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
  3. Anyone who can serve as a Regional Drop off depot for cultivators who have flower to donate.
  4. Courier Services. We know how challenging it is to get off the hill, so those willing to arrange a pick up from farm would be useful. We will also be needing assistance delivering to our hub in Oakland from drop off depots.
  5. Ask a fellow lab if they are willing to do testing for donated flower. SC Labs has kindly offered free testing services for all donated flowers.
  6. Alta Supply will create a special menu online where donated flower will be available for dispensaries all throughout the state. A special link will be sent to every shop statewide interested in participating.
  7. Please help us find farmers who lost both home and farm to support, please reach out with a list of names of those who really need it the most.

John@foremanfarms.com has a freezer truck and a place down south to process, contact for details.

If you have resources to help farmers in harvest to save crops, please reach out.

Here are a few we know of so far:  (Please donate directly if possible).

Monica and Razor lost their home and farm in Santa Rosa. Currently living out of car with their 2 dogs they were blessed to save. Razor is suffering from extreme smoke inhalation and needs a comfortable place to stay while in recovery.

Paul has the most harrowing story so far. He lost everything, farm and house. His daughters mom lost everything too. He saved the neighbors, mom and daughter, tho they lost their son.

Ashley on instagram @FrostFlowerfarms707 Shes an amazing cultivator with an enduring spirit. Part of the Mendo Gen Group.

Shelby is a dear personal friend of mine who lost everything.

For those able to provide cash donations, CalGrowers Wildfire Fund is a fantastic choice.

Any other way we can collaborate to offer support, please reach out, we are open to suggestions.

We have no idea how many people are truly affected at this point. There are some serious tragedies and some close calls, many gardeners are frantically harvesting now and could use a safe processing/curing room.

Please let us know if there are other ways to contribute and we are happy to make connections.

With kindness,

Jessica Lilga”

If you have supplies and items that you would like to donate to fire victims, all four of the Northcoast Horticulture Supply stores and Fortuna Feed are drop-off locations for donations. We have volunteers driving items down to Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa county. Thank you for your support!