Panel discussion at the Mateel on a Post-Prop 64 Emerald Triangle

By November 20, 2016November 22nd, 2016Uncategorized

This is an excellent discussion on the topic and well worth your time if you want to get caught up on what Emerald Triangle cultivators are thinking and doing in a post-Prop 64 world. The article is linked below, as well as the SoundCloud audio if you want to jump straight to the panel.

“At a panel discussion six speakers discussed a range of viewpoints and positions, but together they agreed that Prop 64, along with the voluminous MCRSA regulations passed last year, mark the start of a highly regulated cannabis marketplace in California that will eventually eclipse the decentralized web of underground cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle.”

What does legal weed mean for the Triangle? Canna-leaders weigh in.