Terpenes video screen capture

The Terpenes panel video at the Spring Kickoff 2016

By Education

The Terpenes panel features Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery and The Ganjier; Samantha Miller of Pure Analytics; and Patrick Smith of Green Bicycles. Humboldt Cannabis College brought these leading experts to ‘Spring Kickoff 2016’ at the Mateel Community Center in Garberville, California to discuss the best methods of building and and maintaining a plant’s terpene profile. Research continues to show the importance of terpenes and the complex ways they impact flavor and effect. Learn to help your plants express their full terpene potential and grow better medicine.

Special Thanks to Kerry Reynolds and Cannabis Consciousness News (CCN) for the video.  Another video powered by Humboldt.Green

Stephen Gieder kneeling by cannabis plants

Times-Standard article “Business Sense: Cannifest shows changes in local business climate”

By Media

Stephen Gieder interviewed by Lynette Mullen of the Times Standard, the local newspaper of record, about Cannifest and the changing community we live in.  “The focus now is bringing people into compliance and teaching them to be responsible members of the business community.”


Man holding plants in soil in his hands

KMUD Radio Discussion

By Education, Media

Here is an amazing hour of radio from KMUD radio’s The Environment Show, hosted by Natalynne DeLapp, Executive Director of EPIC.  This discussion is about Cannabis Compliance and how to bring living soils & regenerative farming practices into your farm.  Also, the Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series is discussed. This conversation is joined by Jesse Dodd of Biovortex & Dan Mar of High Tide Permaculture.  About half way in, they are joined via phone by our very own Stephen Gieder of Humboldt Green.

The next Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop series is at the Bigfoot Golf & Country Club, Saturday March 19th.