Stephen Gieder interviewed on The Real Dirt Podcast

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Stephen Gieder interviewed on The Real Dirt Podcast with Chip Baker.  Steve was interviewed for a brand new podcast which just launched it’s Season 1 on December 6th, 2016.

The Real Dirt Podcast: Episode 14 Steve Gieder

On this episode of The Real Dirt, Chip hangs out with Steve Gieder, an old friend and expert in the industry from Northern California. Steve is the founder of Northcoast Horticulture Supply, Humboldt Wholesale and a long list of other pro cannabis organizations, dispensaries, consulting business, and community building associations. What makes Steve so unique besides his amazing business ventures, is that he is also a political/social activist and has worked hard to build up his community in California. Steve is a true enthusiast cannabis entrepreneur!  Fire it up with Chip and Steve as they talk about the journey Steve has been on, the cannabis business in California, and the political activism it takes to make change in our system.

California treasurer asks Trump for guidance on pot, banking

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Cannabis Banking“We have a year to develop a system that works in California and which addresses the many issues that exist as a result of the federal-state legal conflict,” California Treasurer John Chiang added. “Uncertainty about the position of your administration creates even more of a challenge.”



Humboldt Green Presents: Yes We Cann! Official Emerald Cup Afterparty

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Emerald Cup 2016 After Party posterHead over to Annie O’s in Santa Rosa for a night full of music, art and dancing.  Purchase tickets at EventBright.

Talent to include:
Object Heavy w/ Chali2na
Love & Light
Dance performances by Luna Moon
Music production by World Famous
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Purchase tickets at EventBright.

A Call to Action to Humboldt Cannabis Farmers

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humboldt-county-green-dotsTime is running out to continue to be a legal cannabis farmer in Humboldt County. The Planning Department will stop accepting commercial cannabis Application Forms at 4pm on December 30, 2016, in order to perform an Environmental Impact Review throughout the whole of Humboldt County which is expected to take 2 or more years. The provision in SB 420 affording legal protection to patient collectives and cooperatives (your Prop 215 grow), will sunset one year after Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) licenses have commenced. After that, all cannabis collectives will have to be licensed under MCRSA, except for individual patient and   caregiver gardens serving no more than five patients. Being in compliance with county regulations is a MCRSA requirement.

Farms working towards compliance with MCRSA and Prop 64 licensing are procuring water rights, working with California Department of Fish and Wildlife, improving their land to remove environmental obstacles to their businesses, and turning their red dots to green on county maps. Those tasked with enforcing regulations and the law will then target their resources according information gained during the EIR and permitting processes. There is only one modern proverb that comes to mind: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

Filing an Application Form and associated fees before the deadline, and committing to finishing that application, even if it takes months, is the best way forward for an existing or proposed cannabis farm
( Now is the time to do the hard work of formalizing your family farm’s resources & practices into a legacy that your children can proudly and publicly share with the world. It’s time to step out of the shadows and gray markets and begin to drive the local economy from the front seat. By becoming fully permitted and complying with regulations, you will be assuring that your environmental impacts are minimized and that you’re not at risk of being heavily penalized by enforcing agencies. Please, join us in creating the sustainable cannabis future that we know can exist, not just for our community, but for our country and the world.

Panel discussion at the Mateel on a Post-Prop 64 Emerald Triangle

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This is an excellent discussion on the topic and well worth your time if you want to get caught up on what Emerald Triangle cultivators are thinking and doing in a post-Prop 64 world. The article is linked below, as well as the SoundCloud audio if you want to jump straight to the panel.

“At a panel discussion six speakers discussed a range of viewpoints and positions, but together they agreed that Prop 64, along with the voluminous MCRSA regulations passed last year, mark the start of a highly regulated cannabis marketplace in California that will eventually eclipse the decentralized web of underground cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle.”

What does legal weed mean for the Triangle? Canna-leaders weigh in.

Board of supervisors revise medical cannabis dispensary ordinance

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Stephen Gieder, once again interviewed by local media for his expert opinion on the local cannabis industry.

“I’m excited for our community to finally take these steps forward to lifting the moratorium, and I hope that within the next four to six weeks as the board of supervisors just told us there, that we will be able to take some steps in submitting our application,” Stephen Gieder, managing partner at Hummingbird Healing Center, said.

Terpenes video screen capture

The Terpenes panel video at the Spring Kickoff 2016

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The Terpenes panel features Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery and The Ganjier; Samantha Miller of Pure Analytics; and Patrick Smith of Green Bicycles. Humboldt Cannabis College brought these leading experts to ‘Spring Kickoff 2016’ at the Mateel Community Center in Garberville, California to discuss the best methods of building and and maintaining a plant’s terpene profile. Research continues to show the importance of terpenes and the complex ways they impact flavor and effect. Learn to help your plants express their full terpene potential and grow better medicine.

Special Thanks to Kerry Reynolds and Cannabis Consciousness News (CCN) for the video.  Another video powered by Humboldt.Green