Last Call: Humboldt Cannabis Growers Survey

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As the Adult Use market rushes into the State of California, how can the local cannabis community make sure Humboldt rises above all of the noise?

Make your voice heard as an Emerald Triangle Farmer and take the anonymous online Humboldt Cannabis Growers Survey. This important survey sponsored by Humboldt Green is coming to a close and we value your experience and need your input. This is the last opportunity to take the survey.

What do Emerald Triangle Farmers get out of spending a few minutes taking an anonymous growers survey? Your farm data will help establish baseline  information for water use, energy consumption, styles of growing, etc. for farms in the Emerald Triangle. As our industry grows, we can track our progress and help establish our own appellations so that Humboldt can continue to be a sought after brand in the premium market.

New Frontier, the premier cannabis industry data firm, will write a report on the results from the Humboldt Cannabis Growers Survey that will reach an international audience with data about the Humboldt brand.

Please take a few minutes in the next couple of days to take this anonymous survey that will greatly help all Farmers in our local area. Help us get as many responses as possible and pass this survey along to other Farmers growing within the Emerald Triangle. Take pride in Humboldt cannabis heritage and innovation. We value your input!

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the anonymous survey. Your voice is important! Make it count.

Click here to take the Humboldt Growers Survey.


The Humboldt Green Team

Humboldt Green Week

Call to the Community – Humboldt Green Week 2018

By Events

Humboldt Green Week 2018 takes place Friday, April 13th through Sunday, April 22nd. Enjoy music, art, educational workshops, classes, store sales and fun events celebrating the environment and our community throughout the Humboldt area during HGW.

Humboldt Green is currently searching for musicians, artists, performers, non-profits, environmental and community groups as well as local businesses to participate in Humboldt Green Week 2018. Become a sponsor of Humboldt Green Week and have a hand in bringing people together to build bridges in our community. Are you an educational center that has something to share with the youth? Guided walks, child yoga classes, drawing instruction, drum circles, museum visits would all be great additions to the 2018 calendar.  Let us help promote the great things you have to offer. Humboldt Green Week partners with local Non-Profit Organizations to celebrate the great work that is being done in Humboldt County. If your NPO is interested in tabling space at one of the many HGW events, please contact our Green Team staff. If you would like to submit an event or be involved in Humboldt Green Week in any way, please fill out Humboldt Green Week Contact Form and one of our Green Team staff members will reach out to you for more details.

Please share and help spread the word about our call to the community for the upcoming Humboldt Green Week.


KHSU Magazine Show

By Media

Host Brian Curtis of the KHSU News Magazine Show interviewed Natalynne Delapp, Operations Director for Humboldt County Growers Alliance back in late December. They discussed the challenges and opportunities posed by recreational cannabis in California.

Natalynne mentioned working with Humboldt Green back in 2016 to put together the Compliance Handbook Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series. There were over 6,000 Compliance Handbooks distributed to Farmers throughout the Emerald Triangle. The handbook helped Farmers understand how to prepare for the State Water Board order, how to follow county ordinance and also how to get enrolled under fish and wildlife. The Compliance Handbook has been instrumental in getting cannabis Farmers on the right path by using best management practices and complying with existing regulatory programs.

You can listen to the in-depth interview online at KHSU’s website.

Launch Your Cannabis Business In 2018 With 1 Degree Consulting

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1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green has a team of professionals dedicated to planning and developing all business types within the commercial cannabis industry. Our green consultants provide clients with a detailed plan for compliance with all relevant authorities based on project details and goals. We then create an effective and efficient streamlined process for our clients to operate their cannabis businesses legally. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start on the pathway to a compliant cannabis operation, contact 1 Degree Consulting for a Phase Zero Discovery Meeting. Allow the 1 Degree Consulting team to guide your thoughts into a successful cannabis business.

Call 707.890.6600 or email to find out more information about how our Green Consultants can help you with every business need you may have. Stop by our office Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to chat with our Consultants. We are located at 1580 Nursery Way, Suite D McKinleyville, CA 95519 in the same shopping center as Northcoast Horticulture Supply.

1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green

The 1 Degree Consulting Team

Local Businesses & Community Supports Arcata Plaza Redesign

By Government

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities (CRTP) is a group of Humboldt and Del Norte County residents who work together to create environmentally friendly transportation projects that support the community and help boost the local economy.

CRTP submitted a letter to the Arcata Mayor and Council Members outlining a plan to redesign the Arcata Plaza to provide pedestrians priority over vehicles and to create more positive activities accessible on the plaza at all hours.

Steve Gieder of Northcoast Horticulture Supply and Humboldt Green, a member of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities, shared the following letter CRTP sent to the Mayor and Council Members.

Mayor and Councilmembers:

The Arcata Plaza is the cultural, civic, and historic heart of our city. The Plaza is bordered by local businesses and regularly hosts well-attended events, important for the local economy and a thriving community. But most of the time, the Plaza functions as a parking lot and is otherwise little used by local residents, families and businesspeople. This creates a social vacuum often filled by anti-social and even illegal activities. Unfortunate recent events have highlighted this problem even more starkly.

We’re happy to see a growing consensus in the community that it is time to address the Plaza’s problems head-on and help it live up to its enormous potential. We believe that two important types of changes to the Plaza can help accomplish this goal: (1) redesign the Plaza as a place for people rather than for cars; (2) make more positive activities available on the Plaza at all times. These two types of changes are in line with established principles of place-making. In other words, they will help create a self-sustaining, healthy, thriving, pro-social public space. They will also stimulate economic activity and create a symbol of support for more sustainable forms of transportation.

Therefore we ask the Council, through an appropriate public process, to create and implement a plan to revitalize life on the Arcata Plaza which includes the following ideas and proposals.

Phase 1: Low-Cost, High-Impact Plaza Redesign for People

We propose a series of near-term regulatory changes and minor infrastructure improvements that can be enacted by the Council to revitalize downtown business and make the Plaza a more social, inclusive place, including:

A. Closure of 8th and 9th Streets between G and H Streets to automobiles, with the exception of emergency vehicles and delivery vehicles
B. Amending the City Code to further encourage outdoor food/drink consumption at permitted restaurants and food carts on the Plaza, and to allow businesses to construct “parklets” for seating, eating, dining, art display, and similar activities
C. Reclassifying G and H Streets through the Plaza as 5 mph “Pedestrian Priority” roadways
D. Working with the North Coast Growers Association to create a car-free Plaza during farmers markets
E. Working with downtown businesses to create a plan for addressing safety concerns on the Plaza in a community-friendly and cost-effective manner Further infrastructure improvements to support these changes can occur over time as needed and as funding allows.

Phase 2: Adding More Activities for People

Over the medium and long term, additional infrastructure changes should take place to support positive daily use of the Plaza by a diversity of people. Such infrastructure changes could include: a permanent map of the downtown and better wayfinding signs for bikes and pedestrians; a playground; a permanent performance venue; art stalls to showcase the work of local artisans; better weatherization of social spaces on the Plaza. In implementing these or any other proposals, we encourage the City to take reasonable precautions to minimize the impacts of any construction on the Plaza on successful, established businesses and events such as the Saturday farmers markets.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ryan Campbell, Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities
Coco Maki, Pasta Luego
Steve Gieder, Northcoast Horticulture Supply & Humboldt Green
Ken Hamik, Community Pride & Peace
Steve Lovett, People’s Records
Martha Jain, MJA
Tom Wheeler, EPIC
Portia Bramble, North Coast Growers Association
Chris Smith, Tuck’s Inc.
Sarah Anderson, North Country Fair
Erica Grey, MotherWoman Support
Greg King, Siskiyou Land Conservancy
North Coast People’s Alliance
Christine Champe, Stillwater Sciences
Tibora Girczyc-Blum
Jennifer Chierici
Kathleen Marshall
Deborah Waxman
Tom Sokolowski
Kim Tays
Stan Binnie
Claire Roth
Vincent Peloso
Joe James
Diane Ryerson
Robert Shearer
Mary Sanger
Aidas Worthington

HSU Cannabis Carbon Accounting and Modeling Project

By Education

HSU Student Project With Humboldt Green

Humboldt Green and iGrow have been supporting three students in the Environmental Studies program during the Fall semester at Humboldt State University. The students presented their senior capstone project yesterday, Cannabis Carbon Accounting & Modeling.

They developed a Cannabis Carbon Accounting Model in Excel that will help…

○ Direct Cannabis cultivation towards climate responsibility
○ Help cultivators understand their emissions
○ Identify areas where cultivators can reduce their carbon footprint
○ State and local governments gauge cultivation emissions to help inform for development of regulations

We want to give a huge thank you to the students for their efforts in developing a tool that will assist farmers, agencies, investors and our community to make smart choices in reduction of energy use in cannabis operations. Great work Jenna, Cheyenna, and Wyatt!

Emergency California Cannabis Regulations Now Online

By Education, Government

The Bureau of Cannabis Control released the following information about Emergency California Cannabis Cultivation Licensing Regulations. 1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green is available for all of your cannabis consulting needs. We’re here to help you with local & state licensing. Contact our office at 707.443.3140 to set up a Phase Zero appointment to go over your companies needs.


November 16, 2017
Contact: Alex Traverso,


SACRAMENTO – California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities announced today that proposed emergency licensing regulations for commercial medicinal and adult-use cannabis have been posted online and are available to the public for review.

The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Cannabis Control, Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, and Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division each developed the new regulations to reflect the law defined in California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).

The regulations and their summaries can be viewed by clicking the following links:

Bureau of Cannabis Control:

CA Department of Food and Agriculture:

CA Department of Public Health:

On June 27, 2017, the Governor signed MAUCRSA, which creates one regulatory system for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis.  Prior to that law’s passage, state licensing authorities had released proposed regulations to govern the implementation of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.  The public hearings and comments from a broad cross section of stakeholders that were informing that regulatory process have also been taken into consideration in the drafting of these proposed emergency regulations.

The licensing authorities expect the emergency regulations to be effective in December 2017.  The implementation date for the issuance of the state commercial cannabis licenses remains the same:  January 1, 2018.  However, California will only be able to license those businesses that are in compliance with all local laws. 

In addition, the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency will hold a workshop with state-chartered banks and credit unions next month to discuss regulatory and compliance issues, as well as potential approaches to banking cannabis-related businesses.  

For information on all three licensing authorities, please visit the state’s California Cannabis Portal at

Canndor Herbarium Project

By Consulting, Education


The Humboldt Green team collecting cannabis samples for the Canndor Herbarium Project.

Humboldt Green has been working with the Canndor Herbarium Project collecting specimens from Humboldt County farms. We’ve been traveling to local cannabis farms in search of flower for the library of specimens.

If you are a cannabis farmer that would like to contribute a sample of your genetics to the Humboldt Herbarium, contact Humboldt Green and we’d be happy to send out one of our green consultants from 1 Degree Consulting to collect a sample.

The 1 Degree Consulting team herbarium samples from a local Humboldt County cannabis farm.

All farms that contribute samples will have access to the library of data specifically for the Canndor Herbarium. Humboldt Green will highlight your farm’s contribution on our social media channels and help promote your brand to our audience. Contributors will gain discounted services from Humboldt Green, 1 Degree Consulting, Northcoast Horticulture Supply, and Canndor.

Keep Humboldt green and help preserve the diversity our our rich horticulture. Submit your sample by contacting 1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green at or by calling our office at 707.443.3140 to set up an appointment for us to come out to your farm.

Canndor Herbarium Project cannabis flower samples.

Canndor Herbarium Project cannabis flower sample press.

State Waterboard Forms Are Due Soon – 1 Degree Consulting Can Help

By Consulting

All California cannabis cultivators must identify their water source as part of their CalCannabis application. The Division of Water Rights Initial Statement of Water Diversion Use form is due October 31, 2017.

The deadline is looming and 1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green can help you fill out your paperwork. Take some of the stress off of your shoulders and contact one of our consultants at 707.443.3140 or by email at

Support Cannabis Farmers Affected by Northern California Fires

By Media

Photo Credit: The Press Democrat

Wildfires in Northern California have incinerated homes, structures, vineyards and cannabis farms. Those affected by this devestation need help and support from fellow cannabis community members.

Humboldt Green received the following email from Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply explaining how the cannabis community can help during these difficult times.

“Dear Cannabis Community,

I live on the edge of coffee park neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Awakened Sunday night by the sound of propane tanks exploding as fire rapidly swept through, we left the house immediately.. On the way to a friends in Sebastopol, streets were flooded with frantic people all barely escaping. Once arrived and looking for information, ash and embers rained down thick. We turned on sprinklers and sprayed down the house. Soon, the winds shifted and we were fine. We put out the word the Sebastopol house was safe and friends who did loose houses came. We used this house to offer comfort to as many as we could. We are filled with gratitude knowing how lucky we all are. Its just stuff, we have each other and good insurance. In time, everything will work out. As of now, I hear my house is fine.

Our cannabis community is not so lucky and needs our help. Reports are rolling in and they are not good. Cell service and power lost, so many people couldn’t reach out for help. Many farmers have lost homes, greenhouses, animals and tragically enough, family members. Without insurance on crops, these families have lost their livelihoods. With fires still ranging strong, this destruction is not over and many are scrambling, fire at the edge of their properties, frantically harvesting to save what is remaining. Heavy smoke damaging crops that do remain, so many farmers affected in so many ways… This will be a challenging season for thousands of cultivators. It was already a make or break year for so many. The challenges of regulation and risk reduction motivated many farmers to give this year everything they have and really maximize the opportunity.

Our humanity calls us to ACT. What I personally can contribute is the statewide network of dispensaries Alta Supply works with. Many farmers want to help and have no financial means at this time. Alta Supply can accept donations from Cultivators who have not been affected, anyone who can spare a unit or two to help a fellow farmer in need. All funds will be donated to fellow farmers who lost their livelihoods.

Ways you can help:

  1. Share this to your social media and help get the word out.
  2. Cultivators willing to donate flower. Full or half pound units. Farm to Farm direct support. For giving farms, please list farm name, contact info, varietal/strain name and lineage, total weight donated. We will connect you directly with the farmer you will be supporting unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
  3. Anyone who can serve as a Regional Drop off depot for cultivators who have flower to donate.
  4. Courier Services. We know how challenging it is to get off the hill, so those willing to arrange a pick up from farm would be useful. We will also be needing assistance delivering to our hub in Oakland from drop off depots.
  5. Ask a fellow lab if they are willing to do testing for donated flower. SC Labs has kindly offered free testing services for all donated flowers.
  6. Alta Supply will create a special menu online where donated flower will be available for dispensaries all throughout the state. A special link will be sent to every shop statewide interested in participating.
  7. Please help us find farmers who lost both home and farm to support, please reach out with a list of names of those who really need it the most. has a freezer truck and a place down south to process, contact for details.

If you have resources to help farmers in harvest to save crops, please reach out.

Here are a few we know of so far:  (Please donate directly if possible).

Monica and Razor lost their home and farm in Santa Rosa. Currently living out of car with their 2 dogs they were blessed to save. Razor is suffering from extreme smoke inhalation and needs a comfortable place to stay while in recovery.

Paul has the most harrowing story so far. He lost everything, farm and house. His daughters mom lost everything too. He saved the neighbors, mom and daughter, tho they lost their son.

Ashley on instagram @FrostFlowerfarms707 Shes an amazing cultivator with an enduring spirit. Part of the Mendo Gen Group.

Shelby is a dear personal friend of mine who lost everything.

For those able to provide cash donations, CalGrowers Wildfire Fund is a fantastic choice.

Any other way we can collaborate to offer support, please reach out, we are open to suggestions.

We have no idea how many people are truly affected at this point. There are some serious tragedies and some close calls, many gardeners are frantically harvesting now and could use a safe processing/curing room.

Please let us know if there are other ways to contribute and we are happy to make connections.

With kindness,

Jessica Lilga”

If you have supplies and items that you would like to donate to fire victims, all four of the Northcoast Horticulture Supply stores and Fortuna Feed are drop-off locations for donations. We have volunteers driving items down to Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa county. Thank you for your support!