Humboldt County cannabis farmers interviewed by New Frontier Data

By June 16, 2017Media
Times Standard Screenshot with logos

Our local newspaper, the Times-Standard, has an article about New Frontier Data partnering with us here at Humboldt Green to gather farmer data.

The Washington, D.C., marijuana data analytics firm New Frontier is conducting a novel survey of Humboldt County’s cannabis farmers and how they are adapting to the advent of legalization.

“It helps us understand this enormously influential but currently not well understood market,” New Frontier’s Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics John Kagia said Wednesday. “If California is going to be the most important single cannabis market in the world and if Northern California is the single biggest supplier of the cannabis that is going to be sold in the state, then in order to understand California, you’ve got to understand what’s happening in Humboldt and surrounding counties.”

Read the entire article on their website.