Ganjyard to Collect Community Data!

By May 27, 2017March 22nd, 2018Education, Events

Join Humboldt Green and be a part of the community at both the Summer Arts & Music Festival at Benbow & Oyster Fest! We will be asking the community for input on their local neighborwoods with our Ganjyard Appellation Project. This will enable us to push for local views reflected in what California’s cannabis appellations.

What is an Appellation?

Appellations are legally defined and protected geographic and other identifying indicators that will protect small farmers in rural regions. By creating appellations, we can protect the names we cherish from being abused by out-of-area companies. For instance, words like “Humboldt” and “Alderpoint” would be reserved for only those who grow in those areas. Also, processes like “Sun Grown” or “Rain Grown” can also benefit from legal protection in the same way was “fair trade”

So come out on either of these two community events and put a pin in our map of Humboldt. The questions we are asking are:

  • What do you call your neighborwoods
  • What makes your appellation unique?
  • What do you think would help protect the environment of your appellation?

Be a part of the future!