Call It Cannabis

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Steve Gieder, Executive Director of Humboldt Green helped encourage California politicians to start using the term cannabis instead of marijuana. Back in 2015, Gavin Newsom the Lieutenant Governor of California traveled to Garberville with the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy to hold a public forum to hear from the Emerald Triangle Farmers directly. This event marked a pivotal day in California cannabis history. The packed town hall meeting brought together the California Lieutenant Governor, Assembly member Jim Woods, local law enforcement, farmers, concerned community members and local stakeholders. During the first half of the meeting, the community listened to politicians explain how new State laws would unfold during legalization and how Humboldt’s braintrust of all things green would be a huge influence.

Steve Gieder recounts his experience at the meeting, “During the first half of the discussion, I kept cringing as I listened to the politicians and law enforcement repeatedly use the “M” word. Marijuana is a word that was coined during National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger’s war on drugs. Most of the people in that room did not have a clue about the history of the “M” word.”

The second half of the meeting featured a Q and A session between audience members and the regulators. Gieder listened as community members used different terminology to describe our most valued agriculture crop. “I stood in line and listed to the concerns of our Humboldt cannabis community”, explained Gieder. The Executive Director of Humboldt Green stepped up to the microphone to educate and convince the visiting politicians to stop using the derogatory term marijuana and to start calling the healing plant cannabis instead.

“When I took the mic, my emotions took over as usual and I began my calculated approach to helping the big wigs hear our collective voice. I explained that I was a member of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt and asked the regulators to acknowledge that they were using the derogatory made up term marijuana. I shared with them that our farming community does not approve of the “M” word and asked them to instead use the scientific and progressive term cannabis. I told them it was time to leave the “M” word behind,” stated Gieder.

Lieutenant Governor Newsome and the Blue-Ribbon Commission was very receptive to Gieder’s suggestion. They apologized for using the derogatory word and changed their terminologies immediately. Gieder explained, “The crowd was feeling it and the politicians thanked me for my contribution to the meeting. After the event was over I approached the panel and they embraced me, and we took photos together.”

Steve Gieder of Humboldt Green

Futurist Ken Hamik, long-time friend and business associate of Gieder was also present at the Town Hall Meeting. “I captured this photo when a single voice (Steve Gieder) stood in front of the Lieutenant Governor of California and said don’t call it marijuana, call it cannabis,” shared Hamik.

Gieder’s statement had a huge impact that day in setting off a wave of change. The Blue-Ribbon Commission continued their tour throughout California and in every town they visited along the way they championed using the word cannabis instead of marijuana.

In January of 2016, Assembly member Rob Bonta was successful in updating Assembly Bill 1575 to replace the word marijuana with the correct term cannabis.

“By speaking up, we helped change cannabis history and it’s something I’m really proud of,” said Gieder.

Visit to listen to the May 29, 2015 live broadcast recording of the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy; Public Forum in Garberville. Steve Gieder speaks at the 28:09 mark.

Joe Knows – Soil Management

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Joe Moran of 1 Degree Consulting talks about the importance of a Soil Management Plan on this week’s episode of Joe Knows. Tune into the Humboldt Green YouTube channel each week for industry news and information.

Joe Knows Soil Management – 1 Degree Consulting

Joe knows soil! Managing your soil is a huge component of growing cannabis. It’s important to test your soil and water, not just for a healthy yield, but you want to be able to past testing and get your product into the hands of consumers. There are two soil models in cannabis farming, managing native soils and importing soil to your farm. There are some negatives and benefits for each model.

When you import soil there are a lot of costs you have to consider. The purchase costs, freight, delivery, soil storage and above ground irrigation. The positives are that you don’t need a huge nutrient regime because the soil comes loaded with food. Water storage, diversion and reporting of water usage are some of the bigger elements to importing soil. Above ground containers can also use a lot of water.

Benefits of using native soil and having plants in the ground is that you save on purchasing and labor costs, plus there’s already a water source in the ground. The water retention value for native soil is greater than farming in a container. The native soil already has minerals and nutrients, but the important thing is that you want to get it tested because you might have deficiencies or too much of one property.

Farmers can consider both models, but you need a soil management program for farm to be successful. If you’re going after your County permit, you need an Operating Plan, Soil Management Plan and a Site Management Plan for your waterboard enrollment. The team at 1 Degree Consulting can help you write the plans that are needed for compliancy.

Seasonal year-round planning is important when it comes to soil management, whether you’re doing it during the growing season or during the wintertime. The Soil Scientists at Dirty Business Soil inside of Northcoast Horticulture Supply, can test your soil, water and plant tissue and create a custom Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) based on analytical results. NHS can then create a custom soil and amendment blend based on your NMP and offer Farm-Direct pricing on all of your supply needs.

Call It Cannabis

By Education, Media

Steve Gieder, Executive Director of Humboldt Green helped encourage California politicians to start using the term cannabis instead of marijuana. Back in 2015, Gavin Newsome the Lieutenant Governor of California traveled to Garberville with the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy to hold a public forum to hear from the Emerald Triangle Farmers directly. Steve stepped up to the microphone to educate and convince the visiting politicians to stop using the derogatory term marijuana and to start calling the healing plant cannabis instead.

In the past three years, we’ve seen a healthy transition in the media and with our California politicians towards using the term cannabis. Steve and Humboldt Green are proud to help foster this positive change in our industry.

Joe Knows – 1 Degree Consulting

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Joe Knows Cannabis ConsultingWho is Joe and what does he know? Joe Moran, General Manager of 1 Degree Consulting a division of Humboldt Green®, is part of the Humboldt County cannabis brain trust. Growing cannabis has been Joe’s passion for almost three decades and he cultivated under Prop 215 for many years. He graduated from Humboldt State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Planning. Joe’s education in rural environment land use was instrumental in his efforts to organize large-scale music and cannabis events and festivals since the early 1990’s. Joe has been an integral part of planning and permitting for events such as Reggae on the River, Reggae Rising, HempFest West, Humboldt Garden Expo, Cannifest, the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo and many other local cannabis events.

Living in Humboldt, studying environmental planning as well as being part of the cannabis culture and industry has led Joe to a unique position as a cannabis consultant. As part of the cannabis community for almost thirty years, Joe has a solid understanding of the historical pathway to legalization in California. Joe and the 1 Degree Consulting team understand how current policies and regulations drive consulting projects and take pride in assisting many clients in securing their local permits and State licensing. He has combined his education, experience and passions to help build bridges to compliancy for the cannabis community.

The pathway to legalization can be tricky and difficult to understand with changing regulations and the overall evolution of the cannabis industry. Many applicants have voiced that it’s hard to keep up with the latest cannabis news and how that applies to cannabis companies moving out of the darkness and into the light, we understand those concerns and are actively gathering the info that our community needs. So, where are you going to turn to get legit and up to date cannabis facts and information? Joe knows!

Tune into 1 Degree Consulting’s “Joe Knows” each week for all the latest cannabis industry regulation news. Joe will be providing information and helpful updates to the cannabis community about local issues in cities and the County such as building permits, agency review, dealing with neighbors and more. He’ll also be sharing highlighted information from CalCannabis, Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch and the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Some hot topics include State temporary licenses expiring, mixing Adult and Medical products in addition to Industry issues such as the use of industrial hemp in CBD food products and supply chain challenges.

Catch Joe Moran’s “Joe Knows” segments each week about cannabis compliancy on Facebook Live, 1 Degree Consulting’s Instagram and right here on the Humboldt Green Culture Blog.

Interested in cannabis consulting services? Contact 1 Degree Consulting for a Phase Zero or Advanced Discovery Meeting and let us help guide you through the regulatory landscape and navigate the pathway to compliancy. Call 707.890.6600 or email us at Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:00 and we are located at 1580 Nursery Way, Suite D McKinleyville, CA 95519.

Cannifest Logo with tagline

Humboldt Green Has High Hopes for Cannifest

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As the weekend of what would have been Cannifest’s 4th year approaches, Humboldt Green Events has high hopes for the state of temporary cannabis events in Humboldt County, despite having to manifest a new location and date for Cannifest 2018 due to new regulations.

Under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), temporary cannabis event licenses are only issued for events held at County Fairgrounds or District Agricultural Centers. Humboldt Green reached out to Redwood Acres Fairgrounds and Humboldt County Fairgrounds to hold Cannifest 2018 since they are basically the only two venues in Humboldt that are currently legally allowed to host cannabis events. Unfortunately, it worked out that Cannifest cannot could not be held at either of these State approved locations.

What happened to this year’s Cannifest?

Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka has been the home of Cannifest for the past three years. With the new policies and regulations surrounding cannabis use at festivals, Redwood Acres informed Humboldt Green Events that their organization is postponing cannabis events for the remainder of 2018. The venue has also evolved into a growing business park that is frequented by children. Under the current regulations, if a cannabis event were to be held at a Fairgrounds location, no one under 21 would be allowed on the premises during the event. Since Redwood Acres is frequented by families, it’s not currently a venue that we would be able to produce a 21 and over cannabis event at.

On our quest to find another State approved venue, Humboldt Green Events also approached the Humboldt County Fairgrounds to hold Cannifest 2018. The Ferndale Chief of Police responded to our request and stated that the Humboldt County Fairgrounds resides within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Ferndale. The City of Ferndale, by ordinance, does not allow the sale of marijuana or its by-products. Ferndale High School is also less than 1,000 feet away from the Fairgrounds. Under the current regulations, all cannabis events must be at least 1,000 feet away from school property. The Humboldt County Fairgrounds also has a no-smoking policy.

New California State Regulations on the Horizon

The silver lining in manifesting a new location for Cannifest has been the recent support from California State Assemblymember, Bill Quirk with Assembly Bill-2020 and Assemblymember, Jim Wood with Assembly Bill-2641. Both bills are in support of special temporary cannabis event permits that would allow consumption and sales at farmer market events and festivals. The aim of both bills is to make it easier venue-wise for temporary cannabis events to take place in order to discourage black market underground events that are not taxed by the State of California. The temporary cannabis event licenses would only be issued for venues approved by local jurisdictions. Producers of events would also be limited to four temporary cannabis event licenses per year.

Back in March, Humboldt Green Events sent a letter in support of AB-2020 to Assemblymember Quirk’s office. A portion of our letter was highlighted in the Times-Standard article titled Capitol Tracker: Cannabis banking, special event bills advance. In the letter, we shared with Assemblymember Quirk that by making a change to the limited venues where temporary cannabis events are allowed to take place, the State of California could provide greater opportunities to small cannabis businesses allowing an emerging industry the same opportunities granted to others, which in turn would provide financial support to local and regional economies.

AB-2020 Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license was amended in assembly on April 19th, 2018 and was published to the California Legislative Information website on the cannabis holiday 4/20. According to Times-Standard, the bill was passed 13-1 by the Assembly’s Committee on Business and Professions and re-referred to an appropriations committee.

AB-2641 was introduced by Assembly Member Jim Wood back in February. The Times-Standard, reported that the bill would allow for the Bureau of Cannabis Control to grant a temporary license for special events in jurisdictions where the events have been approved at county fair events if locally approved.

What does all of this mean for Cannifest? The power of manifestation works! The cannabis community has been manifesting the path to keeping California Green and helping small businesses in the industry continue to grow by allowing for a State temporary event license to be issued for any venue expressly approved by local jurisdiction. This is huge news and a step forward for Humboldt Green Events to be able to provide the Humboldt community and beyond, a fully regulated and legal cannabis event at any venue approved by local government. This would allow Humboldt Green Events to hold Cannifest at some magical location in Humboldt or even take Humboldt’s Manifest Cannabis Festival on the road. The variety of venue options in California are endless, but each location depends on the opinion of local government and whether temporary cannabis events would be considered beneficial for their surrounding community.

Back in the beginning of 2018,  when we realized we were unable to produce Cannifest 2018 at Redwood Acres scheduled for May 5th and 6th, we felt that we had somehow let our community down despite the fact that the postponement of Cannifest was out of our hands. The cannabis community was really supportive of our announcement about having to manifest a new date and location for Cannifest. We were really hoping to be able to hold the festival at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds instead and be able to keep the May 5th and 6th dates, but come to find out our only other venue option was also not cohesive for cannabis events. The news of the two bills introduced regarding temporary cannabis events is really a blessing for our entire community that has been struggling to find its place in the current state of legal cannabis business. So many of our small farms that produce craft cannabis and little mom and pop shops would greatly benefit from the opportunity of being able to sell their products at temporary cannabis events like farmers markets and festivals. The introduction of the two bills are really important to the livelihood of all types of business in the cannabis industry in Humboldt and beyond in the greater State of California.

What can I do? Participate in democracy!

How can you help make Cannifest, farmers markets and other cannabis events a possibility? Call your elected officials and ask them to vote in favor of AB-2020 and AB-2641. Locate your local California representative here. If you live in the Humboldt area, Jared Huffman US Congressman serving California’s 2nd District is your representative. You can contact him by email or by phone at (707) 981-8967.

The Green Team at Humboldt Green Events appreciates your love and support as we continue to adjust in this new legal cannabis frontier. Stay tuned for updates about our next move with Cannifest on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

– The Humboldt Green Team, Producers of Cannifest


KHSU Magazine Show

By Media

Host Brian Curtis of the KHSU News Magazine Show interviewed Natalynne Delapp, Operations Director for Humboldt County Growers Alliance back in late December. They discussed the challenges and opportunities posed by recreational cannabis in California.

Natalynne mentioned working with Humboldt Green back in 2016 to put together the Compliance Handbook Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series. There were over 6,000 Compliance Handbooks distributed to Farmers throughout the Emerald Triangle. The handbook helped Farmers understand how to prepare for the State Water Board order, how to follow county ordinance and also how to get enrolled under fish and wildlife. The Compliance Handbook has been instrumental in getting cannabis Farmers on the right path by using best management practices and complying with existing regulatory programs.

You can listen to the in-depth interview online at KHSU’s website.

Support Cannabis Farmers Affected by Northern California Fires

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Photo Credit: The Press Democrat

Wildfires in Northern California have incinerated homes, structures, vineyards and cannabis farms. Those affected by this devestation need help and support from fellow cannabis community members.

Humboldt Green received the following email from Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply explaining how the cannabis community can help during these difficult times.

“Dear Cannabis Community,

I live on the edge of coffee park neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Awakened Sunday night by the sound of propane tanks exploding as fire rapidly swept through, we left the house immediately.. On the way to a friends in Sebastopol, streets were flooded with frantic people all barely escaping. Once arrived and looking for information, ash and embers rained down thick. We turned on sprinklers and sprayed down the house. Soon, the winds shifted and we were fine. We put out the word the Sebastopol house was safe and friends who did loose houses came. We used this house to offer comfort to as many as we could. We are filled with gratitude knowing how lucky we all are. Its just stuff, we have each other and good insurance. In time, everything will work out. As of now, I hear my house is fine.

Our cannabis community is not so lucky and needs our help. Reports are rolling in and they are not good. Cell service and power lost, so many people couldn’t reach out for help. Many farmers have lost homes, greenhouses, animals and tragically enough, family members. Without insurance on crops, these families have lost their livelihoods. With fires still ranging strong, this destruction is not over and many are scrambling, fire at the edge of their properties, frantically harvesting to save what is remaining. Heavy smoke damaging crops that do remain, so many farmers affected in so many ways… This will be a challenging season for thousands of cultivators. It was already a make or break year for so many. The challenges of regulation and risk reduction motivated many farmers to give this year everything they have and really maximize the opportunity.

Our humanity calls us to ACT. What I personally can contribute is the statewide network of dispensaries Alta Supply works with. Many farmers want to help and have no financial means at this time. Alta Supply can accept donations from Cultivators who have not been affected, anyone who can spare a unit or two to help a fellow farmer in need. All funds will be donated to fellow farmers who lost their livelihoods.

Ways you can help:

  1. Share this to your social media and help get the word out.
  2. Cultivators willing to donate flower. Full or half pound units. Farm to Farm direct support. For giving farms, please list farm name, contact info, varietal/strain name and lineage, total weight donated. We will connect you directly with the farmer you will be supporting unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
  3. Anyone who can serve as a Regional Drop off depot for cultivators who have flower to donate.
  4. Courier Services. We know how challenging it is to get off the hill, so those willing to arrange a pick up from farm would be useful. We will also be needing assistance delivering to our hub in Oakland from drop off depots.
  5. Ask a fellow lab if they are willing to do testing for donated flower. SC Labs has kindly offered free testing services for all donated flowers.
  6. Alta Supply will create a special menu online where donated flower will be available for dispensaries all throughout the state. A special link will be sent to every shop statewide interested in participating.
  7. Please help us find farmers who lost both home and farm to support, please reach out with a list of names of those who really need it the most. has a freezer truck and a place down south to process, contact for details.

If you have resources to help farmers in harvest to save crops, please reach out.

Here are a few we know of so far:  (Please donate directly if possible).

Monica and Razor lost their home and farm in Santa Rosa. Currently living out of car with their 2 dogs they were blessed to save. Razor is suffering from extreme smoke inhalation and needs a comfortable place to stay while in recovery.

Paul has the most harrowing story so far. He lost everything, farm and house. His daughters mom lost everything too. He saved the neighbors, mom and daughter, tho they lost their son.

Ashley on instagram @FrostFlowerfarms707 Shes an amazing cultivator with an enduring spirit. Part of the Mendo Gen Group.

Shelby is a dear personal friend of mine who lost everything.

For those able to provide cash donations, CalGrowers Wildfire Fund is a fantastic choice.

Any other way we can collaborate to offer support, please reach out, we are open to suggestions.

We have no idea how many people are truly affected at this point. There are some serious tragedies and some close calls, many gardeners are frantically harvesting now and could use a safe processing/curing room.

Please let us know if there are other ways to contribute and we are happy to make connections.

With kindness,

Jessica Lilga”

If you have supplies and items that you would like to donate to fire victims, all four of the Northcoast Horticulture Supply stores and Fortuna Feed are drop-off locations for donations. We have volunteers driving items down to Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa county. Thank you for your support!




1 Degree Consulting Connecting Cannabis Stories in the National News

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1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green is currently on the road visiting cannabis farms all over Northern California for the Candor Project creating Humboldt County’s first cannabis herbarium.

Ken Hamik, part of Humboldt Green’s cannabis brain trust was traveling with the team and received a phone call from Gretchen Gailey at New Frontier Data. We’ve been working closely with New Frontier Data on the Humboldt Grower Survery. Gretchen had mentioned to Ken that their source at USA Today was looking to write a story about Sonoma cannabis farmers affected by the fires. Ken offered to put them in touch with Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply, a statewide wholesale cannabis distribution company since she is a boots on the ground source for cannabis farming in Mendocino and Sonoma.

Thanks to Ken’s networking, USA Today has published a national story with Jessica’s quotes about how the California fire’s are affecting the cannabis industry. Read USA Today’s article California’s Marijuana Farms May Go Up In Smoke.

1 Degree Consulting and Humboldt Green keeping the cannabis community connected!

Times Standard Screenshot with logos

Humboldt County cannabis farmers interviewed by New Frontier Data

By Media

Our local newspaper, the Times-Standard, has an article about New Frontier Data partnering with us here at Humboldt Green to gather farmer data.

The Washington, D.C., marijuana data analytics firm New Frontier is conducting a novel survey of Humboldt County’s cannabis farmers and how they are adapting to the advent of legalization.

“It helps us understand this enormously influential but currently not well understood market,” New Frontier’s Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics John Kagia said Wednesday. “If California is going to be the most important single cannabis market in the world and if Northern California is the single biggest supplier of the cannabis that is going to be sold in the state, then in order to understand California, you’ve got to understand what’s happening in Humboldt and surrounding counties.”

Read the entire article on their website.