Caring Capacity

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With CARING CAPACITY We Reach to Achieve

We at Humboldt Green have been building community goodwill for over two decades by collecting and tilling the values of Caring Capacity best practices throughout our community.  Now we have the capacity to distill these best practices and bring them to service your Legacy Footprint.  Building upon each achievement of success we’ve establish a commonality of standards that just make good sense and practical economics when it comes to the ground we tend, till, grow, and live on.  Caring Capacity ties together a planet based on all our interests as a society, a community, and as individuals.
Caring Capacity is a learning pathway and development strategy for best practices in a localized region, watershed, or a farm with fixed boundaries.  Caring Capacity is about working together to establish the most essential environmental actions required to establish your Legacy Footprint and to ensure long-term economic and productive viability for your farm.  Caring Capacity works with you to design and set-up individual plans covering your own farm or it can work with a collective of farmers, neighbors, or a community to come to a consensus of good practices to use together to further the steps toward a cumulative net zero natural footprint.


Build a basic business plan and SWOT analysis to construct an operational plan including supply chain management, marketing/advertising and brand building, and operation labor strategies to facilitate start-up or attract investors to your project.


Correlate your financial objectives and incentives to align your caring capacity with existing and projected timelines for optimal financial gain.


Build together, drawing strength from your organizational experience, add to the collective pool of knowledge to plan and optimize resources, strengths, and caring-capacity.


Want to bring your people, your community, your staff together?  We can do that…

Caring Capacity Focal Points

  • Soil Environment
  • Soil Building
  • Soil Sustainability
  • Energy Requirements
  • Energy Availability and Delivery Systems
  • Alternative Energy Sustainability Measures
  • Food and Nutrient Environment
  • Food and Nutrient Building
  • Food and Nutrient Sustainability
  • PreHarvest Environment
  • PostHarvest Environment
  • Community Contributions
  • Community Systems
  • Community Commitment to Sustainability
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