1 Degree Consulting Connecting Cannabis Stories in the National News

By October 13, 2017Media

1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green is currently on the road visiting cannabis farms all over Northern California for the Candor Project creating Humboldt County’s first cannabis herbarium.

Ken Hamik, part of Humboldt Green’s cannabis brain trust was traveling with the team and received a phone call from Gretchen Gailey at New Frontier Data. We’ve been working closely with New Frontier Data on the Humboldt Grower Survery. Gretchen had mentioned to Ken that their source at USA Today was looking to write a story about Sonoma cannabis farmers affected by the fires. Ken offered to put them in touch with Jessica Lilga of Alta Supply, a statewide wholesale cannabis distribution company since she is a boots on the ground source for cannabis farming in Mendocino and Sonoma.

Thanks to Ken’s networking, USA Today has published a national story with Jessica’s quotes about how the California fire’s are affecting the cannabis industry. Read USA Today’s article California’s Marijuana Farms May Go Up In Smoke.

1 Degree Consulting and Humboldt Green keeping the cannabis community connected!