Humboldt Green Standard Preliminary Pilot Program (P3)

Invitation to Participate

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Legacy Footprint

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Humboldt Green is developing an International Standard to help our cannabis industry maintain the highest level of community integrity and stewardship to the land while achieving the highest levels of production. Our ultimate goal is to allow our community to thrive while creating a green bridge from Humboldt County to the International market.

Photo credit: Stephen Gieder at Sunboldt Farms

What is Gap Analysis?

Gap analysis is the process of comparing current practices to the requirements of a standard. This process can be used to determine if business requirements are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully. Gap refers to the space between “where we are” (the present state) and “where we want to be” (the target state). A gap analysis may also be referred to as a needs analysis, needs assessment or need-gap analysis.

Humboldt Green Care-Ability™ Standard

The Humboldt Green Care-Ability™ Standard will empower organizations to reach the next echelon of return on investment in natural, social, and economic capital by implementing practices that achieve a regenerative Legacy Footprint™ in the farming and gardening industries. We have been working with local businesses, farms, non-profit organizations, scientists, municipalities, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to create a forward thinking vision treating our environment and community with care. This standard is a fresh set of tools to use when interacting with the World, and we hope by implementing these tools we can work to reverse the damaging impacts that we have produced as a society.

Photo credit: Stephen & Ken at Sunboldt Farms

We Need You

We have been working on this Standard for years compiling data and conducting analyses and we need your help in refining the Standard before its debut. We want to be able to capture all the value added inputs and practices used in the Cannabiz and within our cannabis community. We have developed an assessment tool with a set of standards to promote Care-Ability™ practices in cannabis cultivation. Our project team is asking for your participation in the Preliminary Pilot Program to assist us in finalizing the criteria for inputs and outputs associated with the Gap Analysis. In our program, we propose to meet with you at your project site and perform onsite data collection and evaluation. We hope that our research will bring perspective not only to your operation as well as others in our community and ultimately the entire world.

Your participation in the Preliminary Pilot Program will assist in the development of the final Care-Ability™ standards and the improvement of quality cannabis production. If you choose to participate in these preliminary stages, Humboldt Green would like to then offer your Cannabiz the opportunity to be a part of the full Pilot Program when launched as well as offer discounted consulting services for your operation. This initial phase of participation will be kept confidential and anonymous and no names will be referenced in reports, unless permission is given.

Join Us

Please call the Humboldt Green Office (707) 443-3140, or contact us online to participate in the P3 and schedule your site visit!