Cannabis Cultivation

Many ways to grow your future.

Cannabis Cultivation happens in many ways.  We have experience helping farmers with all of them.  Scroll on below for examples of types of cultivation businesses we are helping.

Understanding the complexities of designing and building a successful and profitable agriculture facility is often the most daunting challenge for a farmer or investor in a new facility. This is particularly true of the Cannabis industry where there aren’t many experts to call upon for professional and reliable advice.

Over the past 15 years, the Humboldt Green team has developed the experience and created the relationships necessary to help guide our customers through this complex and often times nerve-wracking process. As the industry moves toward more sophisticated and more integrated production models, working with an experienced team of professionals becomes that much more important. A successful business plan will require the expertise of numerous professionals and the Humboldt Green team gives our clients access to contractors, architects, and engineers well-seasoned in building cannabis specific facilities.

Sungrown Outdoor Cultivation

If the only light you have is the sun, there are still lots of factors to take care of. Securing your water rights isn’t just something that happens with the county; You need to be able to continue your business even in dry years. We can help plan out your total water usage, create a plan for a pond to capture water during the rainy months and use it in the dry months without depleting your water table.

And that’s just water. Next time you walk onto your farm, look at all the factors that influence your yield. Weather. Shade. Nutrients. Pests. Labor. Earthquake. Neighbors. While you can’t change many of these factors, you can have a well thought out plan for when problems arise, letting you get back to business even in the harshest times.

Let us help you grow with the earth, not against it.

Mixed Lighting for Year Long Results

Mixed lighting means adding lights to your greenhouse cultivation. With the popularity of light deprivation growing, adding light just makes sense.  The other large advantage of supplemental lighting with light deprivation is the ability to have several harvests a year, multiplying your output.

Click below for a video on Light Dep, from our partners at iGROW365.

Watch Light Dep Video

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation


With over 15 years of experience selling supplies and helping farmers with their indoor and outdoor cultivations, we know growing. Be it smaller, room sized family operations to warehouse sized vertical grows with extremely high plant counts, we’ve done it all. We can help you design your production area, find the best genetics for your operation, program your environmental controller and Fertilizer machine, or write the SOP’s for your cultivators to follow.

Licensing & Compliance

Stephen Gieder, Founder of Humboldt Green, North Coast Horticulture Supply, Humboldt Wholesale & iGrow California has created a national cannabis brain trust that has grown from its roots in Humboldt County, California to include national and international relationships with decades of experience. The Humboldt Green team has been supporting cannabis farmers and driving policy in this quickly changing industry, by playing a significant role in drafting land use ordinances in Northern California for commercial outdoor, indoor, and mixed light cannabis cultivation. 

Humboldt Green’s experience and guidance will make sure your future business is in compliance from inception, which is the key to implementation of a successful cannabis cultivation operation.

Humboldt Green Business Services

Business Plans

We can take walk your property and come up with an “idea to shovel” business plan, engineering, construction, operations, and sales.

Let us take turn your indecision to fruition.

Branding & Marketing

We are partnered with some of the best cannabis marketing and branding agencies in the world. Let us take your commodity product and turn it into something people ask for by name.

Harvest & Post Harvest Labor

Working with the post-harvest labor force can be frustrating. The new medical cannabis workers union and new post-harvest facilities just coming online now can help you get your product to market without having to deal with creating an ADA bathroom on your farm.


We have been putting on events for over a decade. Why? Because culture is the first thing to budge when starting social movements. You can change people’s minds with a good time. Events like Cannifest and Humboldt Green Week have proven that. Find out how we can get your event off the ground.


Nobody was born knowing how to farm, let alone how to engineer a water retaining wall that will last a lifetime without failure. One of our core missions is to bring farms “beyond compliance” and to help restore the natural world that has been devastated by decades of timber company mismanagement and unsustainable past grow operations.

Download the 2016 Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series Compliance Handbook for an example of what we have done in the past, for free.