Here at 1 Degree Consulting, we provide you with a team of professionals dedicated to the planning and development of all business types within the commercial cannabis industry. We take your individual project and future goals and align that with existing regulations in order to provide a detailed plan for compliance with all relevant authorities. This creates the most efficient and effective streamline of the process to becoming a legal cannabis business.

1 Degree has helped get a Manufacturing Conditional Use Permit for Humboldt Harvest. And now we are pursuing State licensing through them. They've made the process streamlined and successful. Thank you guys!"

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Who are we?

1 Degree Consulting is a division of Humboldt Green, which guides commercial cannabis businesses through the compliance process. Our team of consultants consists of business owners experienced in the cannabis industry, marketing professionals, and a staff that is educated in Environmental Sciences & Policy. We have extensive experience working in the cannabis permitting realm and can provide you with a lot of insight into the process of becoming compliant.

1 Degree Consulting empowered by Humboldt Green works as a team to achieve the success of our clients locally and globally. By staying current with commercial cannabis news and legislation, we aim to provide a clear pathway to compliance in a time of significant change and uncertainty.

As being a division of Humboldt Green, we strive to have sustainable business practices, and encourage our clients to do the same. We pride ourselves in being revolutionaries during this pivotal time of the Earth, by keeping Humboldt green.

Pictured beside are the main planners of 1 Degree Consulting: Joe, Megan, Stephen, Greg, and Jesse.

Getting Started with a Discovery Meeting

The first step in our process of working with new clients is to have a 1-2 hour discovery meeting where an experienced 1 Degree Consulting team can discuss with the client where they are in the “cannabiz” road map, and what their future goals are. This allows us to communicate to the client what steps need to be taken in order to reach their final goals. Our team is well versed on regulations in local permitting and state licensing, and we are confident that clients will benefit from this very comprehensive meeting.

What is a Discovery Meeting?

When a potential client is looking for consulting advice, 1 Degree Consulting, a division of Humboldt Green LLC, finds that an introductory Discovery Meeting can make for the most effective use of our resources. More importantly, this ensures that the client receives the most value.

1 Degree Consulting, a division of Humboldt Green LLC, provides our clients with access to a variety of resources. Our significant network of affiliates have a wide range of expertise, and years of broad experience in the field. This broad range of experience and expertise is congruent with the cannabis industry as well as other related industries. 1 Degree Consulting, a division of Humboldt Green LLC, prides itself in transparency and making our clients aware of all the resources we can bring to the table.

After conducting a Discovery Meeting, our team will develop a Scope of Work with a list of deliverables that we feel you would benefit from. We send this out within a week of the meeting, with a Services Agreement that will express a maximum allowable amount to be worked towards your project. This Scope of Work can then be tailored to contain only the services that you desire, and we will work with third parties to ensure that your project is accurate on all ends.

The strength of this approach is that our clients can see the outline of the entire roadmap in order to avoid wasted money, labor, and efforts. Through this process, hidden opportunities are often revealed that can shift a project into another gear if necessary.

Phase Zero Discovery Meeting 

In a Phase Zero Discovery Meeting, a core 1 Degree Consulting team is matched with the client to scope the proposed project(s). For a flat $420 fee, this 2 hour session focuses on workflow and pinpoints best use of capital, and return on investment. 1 Degree Consulting, a division of Humboldt Green LLC, has found that many times clients are not even sure which questions to ask, so we have broken down the process into very basic steps and allowed time to explain clearly within this first consultation. In this session, we methodically build a road map that will guide each phase of work, deliverables and timing. By walking through each phase, the client has a direct hand in the overall scope of work and can influence the plan direction whenever possible.

At the end of this 2 hour session, each client will have a significant amount of product, market, and business insight, but they will also have a clear understanding of each phase of the project.

Advanced Discovery Meeting

An Advanced Discovery Meeting is for potential clients who have an application in with their local jurisdiction, but still need some help finalizing documents, or tightening up loose ends. In an Advanced Discovery Meeting, an experienced 1 Degree Consulting team is matched with the client to review the current project. For $200 an hour, we will discuss your current application with your local jurisdiction and let you know if things may need to be updated for compliance, and what the next steps will be for state licensing. This Discovery Meeting usually takes 1-2 hours.

At the end of this 1-2 hour session, each client will have a clear understanding of the necessary steps that need to be taken for their project and state licensing.

1 Degree Consulting is 1º From All Things Green.


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I contacted 1 Degree Consulting to help me dispute an Abatement Letter posted on my property by the County. The team at 1 Degree was able to help me remedy the situation and saved me $16,000 in fines. I am very appreciative of all of their hard work in helping me resolve this issue. They know their stuff.

William Riche
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